4.0-4.9%, Blonde Ales, Yorkshire beers

Blonde Bombshell – Old Mill Brewery

Featured Beer – 2nd January 2018

Blonde Bombshell

This straw-coloured dry, bitter ale comes from the Old Mill Brewery in Snaith, a town which I often visited during my inglorious days as a junior reporter on the Goole and Howden Chronicle.

Though there are always misgivings about beers bearing overtly sexist names, I have to admit that my evenings spent reporting on the minutiae of business of the Snaith and Cowick Town Council would have been a whole lot more fun had there been an actual buxom and suspender-wearing blonde bombshell in attendance.

Around 150 years ago, Snaith was well served by a host of brewers and maltsters, though the emergence of the major breweries – and particular the giants of nearby Tadcaster – saw the trade die out. Only with the opening of Old Mill Brewery in 1983 did this great craft return to a town whose origins lie before the Norman Conquest.

Pale barley malt, wheat and Czech hops go into producing this almost anaemic 4% ABV beer, one of the brewery’s permament cask and bottled ales. Once poured it has some suggestions of craft cider, with some dry appley aromas before the spicy, clovey elements you might expect of a wheat beer take over on the palate.

A little gentle malt emerges in the aftertaste of a beer which delivers at least some of the excitement which you might expect a blonde bombshell to provide.

Star Ratings (each out of 10)

Appearance: 6
Aroma: 6
Taste: 5
Aftertaste: 5

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