4.0-4.9%, Blonde Ales, Yorkshire beers

Blonde Bombshell – Old Mill Brewery

Featured Beer – 2nd January 2018 This straw-coloured dry, bitter ale comes from the Old Mill Brewery in Snaith, a town which I often visited during my inglorious days as a junior reporter on the Goole and Howden Chronicle. Though there are always misgivings about beers bearing overtly sexist names, I have to admit that… Continue reading Blonde Bombshell – Old Mill Brewery

4.0-4.9%, Amber Ales, Yorkshire beers

Rombald – Ilkley Brewery

Featured Beer – 1st January 2018 Legend suggests that Rombald was a local giant, though the more prosaic truth is that the name is a contraction of Robert de Romille, who was given swathes of land by a grateful King William for his role in the Norman Conquest. He gave his name to Rombald’s Moor,… Continue reading Rombald – Ilkley Brewery